anniversary là gì

The 20th anniversary of the voyage is celebrated, and the blind poetess ecstatically sees the thành phố of heaven, but is taken away.

By 1963, over 10,000 scouts hiked the trail. 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the trail.

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The borough's 125th anniversary celebration was held in 2001 and had similar events and effects.

This gesture was symbolic because 1904 was the 100th anniversary of that uprising.

It was later reported that the archive is ready and will be released on the 60th anniversary.

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It has been decided to tát hold death anniversary functions at the district level.

They are planning to tát showcause whatever they can procure, at an exhi bition to tát commemorate the 25th death anniversary of the great filmmaker.

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He made the film to tát commemorate the life of the great playwright, as năm 2016 marks his 400th death anniversary.

Mike by penning a poem at each death anniversary.

So, let's commemorate this great man not only on his death anniversary, but every single chance we get.