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Low đồ sộ moderate levels of burnout were reported, with the registered nurses scoring higher on burnout scales kêu ca the auxiliaries.

The general shape of strong auxiliaries is as in (18).

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An eojeol is the smallest meaningful unit consisting of nội dung words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) and functional words (postpositions, auxiliaries, etc.).

Throughout the occupation, as during the year-long pro-democracy movement that preceded it, women par ticipated directly as activists and auxiliaries.

In fact, most of the variability occurs with the present-tense forms of the auxiliaries be and have and the modal will.

The children's preintervention performance and their spontaneous speech suggest that they had fragmentary knowledge of auxiliaries and inversion.

Children vì thế produce occasionally agreement errors with copulas, auxiliaries and 3sg agreement.

The verbs haben ' have ' and sein ' be ' are highly frequent auxiliaries and are both conjugated in highly irregular ways.

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The authors note on page 61 that the marker -ok attaches đồ sộ finite main verbs in synthetic constructions and đồ sộ finite auxiliaries in analytic constructions.

A broad typological study reveals five formal mechanisms for marking causatives : morphological, lexical, periphrastic, using two verbs in the predicate, and exchange of auxiliaries.

They also observed that, at this stage, the learners had not yet produced modals, auxiliaries, subject-verb agreement, or tense marking.

Because of this, e-mail writers start using abbreviations, omitting subject pronouns and auxiliaries, and decapitalizing the initial letters in sentences or proper nouns.

All three groups improved on inversion with questions containing the trained auxiliaries, but only the two experimental groups improved on questions with untrained auxiliaries.

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In contrast, there were group differences for untrained auxiliaries.

Session 1 established the children's baseline ability đồ sộ ask whquestions with 4 different auxiliaries and 2 different wh-words.

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