comeback nghĩa là gì

Traditional classes in rhetoric and oral communication, seemingly out of sync with today's electronic generation, are making a comeback across the country.

If rights were usurped, as the critics had predicted, it would provide them pretense for a political comeback.

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However, keyboards with sequencing facilities are making something of a comeback and this is good news for music education.

However, this combined technique of cell-culture preparation and electron microscopy enabled the long-neglected tumor agent to tát celebrate its ultrastructural comeback.

Growth of the chain slowed, and the company lost money for three years before beginning a financial comeback.

Tourism will make a huge comeback.

Utopia made a great comeback in 1968, and during the first years of the following decade heads were turned resolutely towards the future.

It is not, however, making a solo comeback, because it is not alone.

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If they are not adhered to tát, there is no comeback for the victim of that, except in one case.

Many people make comebacks, but it is important to tát keep them fully in use as well.

There is no comeback because they disappear into the ether.

If it does significant damage to tát individuals working in the market through its own fault, there should be some comeback and some financial compensation.

Boring holes is the only comeback they have against the development corporation's underhand behaviour.

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We are also seeing tuberculosis making a comeback.

Small firms have no comeback on water companies.

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