complimentary là gì

The agreement allows for complimentary protocols to lớn be negotiated with other parts of the world in order to lớn provide for sea turtle conservation.

A complimentary concept concerns topological derivatives, which measure the variation with respect to lớn the nucleation of holes.

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A colleague of mine had overheard the piece and was spontaneously complimentary about its character.

Is there a role for networking subgroups, specializing in particular areas, with agreed complimentary objectives ?

Alternatively, it may be a dominant right or left ventricle in which the complimentary ventricle is too small to lớn be visualised using fetal ultrasound.

Observational studies are also a good source of complimentary data, as they provide important information on regional hospital resource use.

Earlier speech and gesture is "complimentary, not co-expressive".

The behavior of all agents is complimentary in that they assist each other to lớn satisfy the overall objective mentioned.

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We conclude that magnetic resonance imaging and transesophageal echocardiography are complimentary new windows with which to lớn visualize the anatomy of patients with congenital heart disease.

Further substantiation, nevertheless, requires complimentary investigation in the laboratory, where phenotypic and other variables can be tightly controlled.

The techniques of polishing and etching are thus complimentary.

Four complimentary theatre tickets are distributed at random to lớn the children in the class.

Demand for houses is influenced by many factors such as price, income, substitutes, complimentary goods, tastes, expectations macroeconomic policy and planning policy.

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Initially a special promotion, such as a complimentary glass of wine, could be offered when booking over the mạng internet.

Even most of the people to lớn whom he had sent complimentary copies either ignored or condemned it.

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