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In 2009, it controlled 52 villages and had an area of around, where about 108,000 people resided.

The player controls the survivor of a space freighter crash on a strange planet.

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Other logistical controls will also halt motion, such as switching a vehicle in or out of the track loop.

They thought it should be under local control.

One third of the council was up for election and the council stayed under no overall control.

Such 3-axis gyro is typically called a "flybarless controller", so-called because it eliminates the need for a flybar.

Most tư vấn a four-port hub system, but hubs using 16-port hub controllers are also available in the industry.

The air controller requested that he resend his message, and he confirmed the hijacking.

The pedal controller allows him vĩ đại change between different effect pedals and amplifiers.

The controller will then move the piece of equipment a predetermined distance for each pulse.

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Although automatic control was attempted, it was too slow-acting vĩ đại be effective.

There is also the problem of how drivers interact with autonomous technology -- where human control ends and automatic control begins -- that only adds more complexity.

They first sighted it when they were 76 nmi away, and at 55 nmi they gave the computer automatic control.

There were 21 different fields of study including 3 new ones: computer science, applied mathematics, and automatic control systems.

More recent dumbwaiters can be more sophisticated, using electric motors, automatic control systems, and custom freight containers of other kinds of elevators.

Four of the seven signs are negative, meaning that the control group scored better kêu ca the pre-k group.

Oddly enough, the incidence of tumors in females was minimal, barely different from the control group.

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Twelve people without cancer were also tested as a control group.

A control group drank hot water for comparison.

They found that 92% of the control group and 70% of people who already had diabetes were correctly identified.