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Figure 1 displays jagged cutoffs between yes/no coverage decisions for all of the evaluation criteria outlined above.

In addition, he argued, ' cutoffs ' - deprivation of không tính tiền access đồ sộ pasture and firewood - also negated much of the benefit of lower payments.

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The cutoffs chosen are based on the sample as a whole rather phàn nàn on population based norms.

Using these cutoffs we likewise defined our vulnerable (had at least one disorder), troubled, and unchallenged groups.

The process of developing these cutoffs may arise inductively out of the task of making specific coverage decisions about individual services tests.

Deductively derived cutoffs must invoke normative principles beyond the criteria included in the evaluation framework.

Because the first tests evaluated will structure subsequent evaluations, cutoffs may evolve differently from different pilot cases.

Owing đồ sộ the presence of cutoffs and/or resonances, the curve may be discontinuous.

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The resonator is intrinsic đồ sộ the plasma since it is formed by the cutoffs, which are intrinsic đồ sộ the plasma.

The weak second harmonic appearing in the spectrum is a measure of numerical accuracy that needs đồ sộ be eliminated by decreasing the time step and increasing other convergence cutoffs.

The second induces or deduces acceptable cutoffs for each criterion.

Low income cutoffs from 1992 đồ sộ 2001 and low income measures from 1991 đồ sộ 2000.

If scores for all three domains reach specified cutoffs, and if there is evidence of developmental abnormality before the age of 36 months, an autism spectrum diagnosis is suggested.

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As such, nominalists are likely đồ sộ interpret behaviors as falling along a continuum of social acceptability, đồ sộ consider diagnostic cutoffs as arbitrary, and đồ sộ be wary of diagnosis altogether.

Four discrete groups were formed on the basis of whether participants fell into the top 33% cutoffs on either the age 8 or age 17 years antisocial measures.

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