enjoy nghĩa là gì

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to enjoy oneself

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You are welcome lớn come and enjoy the special day with them.

Cô dâu... và chú rể... van nài trân trọng mời mọc các bạn tham gia lễ trở thành thơm của nhì người. Mong bạn cũng có thể cho tới tham gia và cộng đồng phấn khởi nằm trong nhì mặt mũi mái ấm gia đình trong thời gian ngày quan trọng này.

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He tells her lớn use the keys freely and enjoy herself whilst he is away.

This led lớn conflicts between the sailors who liked lớn enjoy their time ashore with grog and women, and the conservative missionaries.

For many years, the two brothers enjoyed a rustic life of peace and happiness.

I bởi enjoy the freshness and unmanicured approach lớn tuy nhiên construction and musical performances.

He enjoyed riding horses; but he was gravely injured in a fall from a horse, and died as a result.

It was considered standard enjoyable fantasy fare although clichd.

This allows for longer and more enjoyable gameplay.

He also found that the gamepad controls, while less efficient kêu ca a keyboard, were similarly enjoyable.

This music screams of its era and that's the reason why it's so sánh enjoyable.

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And as such, it is undeniable in how provocative, powerful, and deeply enjoyable it is as a listening experience.

Today one can not sneeze without being corrected, let alone enjoy oneself.

Smiles, greetings, and enjoying oneself were the order of the day!

Symptoms of depression include changes in sleep and appetite, inability lớn enjoy oneself and thoughts of hurting oneself.

Speaking lớn a financial advisor on a seasonal basis can help create a balance between planning and enjoying oneself.

She said that being really fit and able lớn enjoy life was a consequence of her lifestyle and training regime.

But that's not lớn say it is impossible lớn still enjoy life.

She loved life and if she was here now she would want you all lớn be happy and lớn enjoy life too.

You should not be afraid of travelling and doing new things, and enjoy life.

He just wanted everyone lớn be happy and enjoy life.

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  • gratifying
  • pleasurable