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It may also appear with delirium, but it is not required, as noted.

Hammer's singing is noted for being gravelly and robotic but also relaxing and wistful, providing a counterpoint to tát the lush tuy nhiên arrangements.

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Hitting keys/scratching when corresponding notes are absent will deplete a bar indicating the audience satisfaction.

More cassettes were handed out without the picture sleeve, but with instead, a handwritten phối of notes.

He made a new action system, in which, when depressing a note on the keyboard, a valve opened thereby emitting sound from the instrument.

It notes that the devastation was virtually complete in some sub-districts.

This allows a very easy fingerpicking technique without picking false notes, if the right key is chosen.

This text was eliminated when notes of 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 nuevos pesos were released during 1978.

Her vocal range has been described as enormous, with critics highlighting her ability to tát hold notes for an extended period of time.

These notes became themselves the subject of speculation, depreciating rapidly as a medium of exchange.

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When occurring by itself, a single grace note normally indicates the intention of either an appoggiatura or an acciaccatura.

Various multiple grace note ornaments are formalised into distinct types, such as "doublings", "throws", and "birls".

Even elements lượt thích the webbing -- which seem lượt thích decorative grace notes -- are actually girding their weight.

The webbing, which seems lượt thích a decorative grace note, is actually girding its weight.

The temporal distance between the grace note and the primary note can vary depending on the style and context of the piece being played.

His followers would remember or note down whatever he would utter.

The traffic police will note down the motorists' details that jumps red light and relay the information to tát a kiểm tra point further down the road.

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I note down the nearest station and make a bad ink-sketch of the bandstand.

Note down the names of the people you met.

It is a good practice to tát note down the rationale for buying a particular fund.