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In effect, though, these are no more kêu ca three different periodicities: different aspects of history are proceeding at different speeds.

We next proceeded to tướng determine the pharmacological properties of this retrograde suppressive effect.

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We then proceeded to tướng see how these agents affect the bipolar cells' dynamics.

On finding that the activation of nicotinic receptors seemed to tướng depress visual responses, we proceeded to tướng investigate the mechanism of this effect.

The increased awareness of the studied population in relation to tướng acute filarial manifestations as the study proceeded, indicates, for instance the operation of monitoring biases.

Our production process has proceeded to tướng the point where the structure of a phrase has been created and the associated lemmata are activated.

The participants completed the identification trials for each of the practice words at increasing gates before proceeding to tướng the test proper.

Having established that immigration was problematic, because of men's ' political and racial' differences, he proceeded to tướng explain in detail the nature of those differences.

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As democratisation proceeded, the military leadership allocated a larger share of the education budget to tướng primary education.

Before proceeding to tướng the parallel scan, we address this problem by introducing bit representations of the functions.

Then suturing of the fringe was proceeded toward right hilum beneath aorta and superior vena cava, and then to tướng left hilum.

The marriage ceremony itself was perfunctory and, in this instance, the whole process of juba'ing seems to tướng have proceeded smoothly.

Once the inhibitory process is initiated or triggered however, it proceeds at a normal tốc độ.

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In the past, the concepts and practices of wild-living-resource conservation proceeded as if the human population problem can be ignored in day-to-day planning and actions.

Evolution might have proceeded faster had these geophysical processes been faster.

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