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If I get a reaction, please find medicine in my bag/pocket!

Nếu tôi bị không phù hợp món ăn, thực hiện ơn lấy dung dịch tôi nhằm vô túi/túi xống áo.

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As the vaporized stream proceeds through the three reactors, the reaction rates decrease and the reactors therefore become larger.

Our own reactions are questioned, because, after all, what is it in us that makes us seek out the stories of another's grief?

Furthermore, there is often more than thở one possible reaction at the surface of an electrode.

Individuals believe this negative reaction will bring about rejections.

The halides are hydrolysed by water but these reactions, particularly those of the chloride, are reversible with the addition of a hydrohalic acid.

These are the ones that act in the over of the chain reaction on other cells that are not part of other endocrine gland.

Instead of a sustaining chain reaction, a subcritical reactor uses additional neutrons from an outside source.

In most cases, heat production enables self-sustainability of the reaction, and enables a chain reaction vĩ đại grow.

The technique is a variation of bisulfite sequencing, and combines bisulfite conversion based polymerase chain reaction with restriction digestion.

Soon, eight đô thị blocks were aflame as dozens of oil tanks exploded in a chain reaction that lasted five days.

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The dependence one develops comes from his brain attempting vĩ đại compensate for the unnatural chemical reaction.

In microfluidics, the droplets are programmed vĩ đại mix with other droplets containing chemicals and ensure that a chemical reaction happens in just the right conditions.

Conceptual images of the new chemical reaction explained in this work.

The net energy required for every chemical reaction is constant.

Evidence for the direct benefits of humor lie in studies of the body's chemical reaction vĩ đại laughter.

Use of the nuclear reaction nuclear fusion for controlled power generation is not yet practical, but is an active area of research.

Nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction that generates up vĩ đại four times more energy than thở nuclear fission -- the process that fuels today's nuclear power plants.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed except in a nuclear reaction which converts matter vĩ đại energy.

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He said the nuclear reaction may not have been caused by an explosion, however, and might have occurred over time.

The nuclear reaction facility is surrounded by a steel storage machine, which is then surrounded by a concrete building.