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Her data were collected through two role plays.

The evaluator constructs task scenarios from a specification, and then role plays the part of a user.

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The unique design of the larger study had captured both naturally occurring role-play episodes and the original interactions on which the play was based.

Exercises include discussion, role-play, simulation, report writing, negotiating budgets and contracts, consumer surveys, small talk, social arrangements, telling anecdotes, exchanging opinions, and socializing.

Training workshops utilized small group work : videos and role-play allowed the practice use of relevant techniques.

Teachers presented skill concepts using modeling stories, puppet characters, photographs, and role-play demonstrations.

Improvements in skills on videotaped role-play, attitudes and confidence were shown in a before-and-after training evaluation.

Interviewers, mostly senior community health sisters, were recruited and trained lớn perform the interviews using role-play and practice interviews.

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In sum, a few researchers of role-play have recognized in-role speech as having a metacommunicative function.

Once a role-reversal has been established through assigning roles, the participants continually address each other using the role-play names.

Training for the telephone monitoring program included 4 hours of didactic instruction and 4 hours of demonstration or role-play.

The workshop consisted of lecture, role-play, and the exercise of assessment and care planning based on two vignette verbatim records.

The cooperative role-play analyzed here is unusual in that it is drawn from talk at home page rather than thở in a nursery school or laboratory setting.

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Therefore, they have lớn reason with the disputants and persuade them through role-play.

Interviewers received 8 hours of additional training from the principal investigator including role-play of at least three assessments.

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