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During this period apologists for the ' ' separate ' ' system argued that solitude in the cell precipitated reflection and the breaking down of psychological resistance to lớn reform.

Autumn and winter are usually taken as symbols of depression, solitude and hardship.

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To some extent this is comic relief in a tale of solitude.

One becomes more selective and less interested in superficial relations, exhibiting an increasing need for solitude.

The need for solitude also reaches its maximum in late life, but develops most rapidly during the first half of the adult life.

He may also have found solitude out of doors.

In fact, these services have been described as the four solitudes of mental health.

In every other respect, the marriage has been from the start a dual solitude on a wide, wide sea.

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By the 1830s, however, the solitude of walking was replaced by the gruelling competitive sports of rowing and, subsequently, rugby.

What has engendered such people's sense of 'solitude and desolation' was the loss of intellectual groundings as a result of their travels and education.

It's not the paper they are scared of, it's the solitude that the paper requires.

The highest holiness is not to lớn be achieved in solitude.

Noticeable, too, there is in the allusion to lớn solitude a critique of her own earlier practice of concealing and burning poems and correspondence.

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Cells were for praying in solitude and silence.

On the other hand, solitude on its own was not enough to lớn guarantee privacy in choice of reading.

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