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The enharmonic scale uses dieses (divisions) nonexistent on most keyboards, since modern standard keyboards have only half-tone dieses.

The protocol supports all standard operations for electronic devices such as flash upgrading of firmware, secure transfer of data and detailed diagnostic information.

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Standards and handbooks stipulate that the upstream surface of the plate is particularly flat and smooth.

Ethical standards have been established across the world, and national and international ethical guidelines have been written.

In this scheme, the standard three digits described above become the last three digits.

The parthenolide nội dung of commercially available feverfew supplements varies substantially, by over 40-fold, despite labeling claims of standardization.

In the absence of such a standardization, it is difficult đồ sộ interpret the grey levels or impossible đồ sộ compare the values resulting from different machines.

The scientific institutes on standardization and on economic problems of the world socialist system concerned themselves with theoretical problems of international cooperation.

As a result of this standardization, a single device can query the on-board computer(s) in any vehicle.

Thus, the standardization process can reasonably be said đồ sộ have provided at least a nine-year lifespan for premises cabling, and arguably a longer one.

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Armament was not standardized, but was better in that respect kêu ca either before or later.

A battery's complement was standardized at four launchers.

The approach helped đồ sộ standardize the imaging and tumor sampling processes, and led đồ sộ miniaturized assays.

Procedures for collecting proximal fluids still need đồ sộ be standardized and non-malignant controls are needed.

The system is designed đồ sộ standardize reporting, and is used by medical professionals đồ sộ communicate a patient's risk of developing breast cancer.

There's a certain double standard surrounding the modern wedding.

Why is there such a massive double standard?

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Everything is a double standard đồ sộ women these days.

There can not be a double standard in a genuine democracy.

As many have already observed, there is a double standard at play in the demand for không lấy phí speech.